Porcelain fused to Precious Metal

Porcelain fused to Non-Precious Metal

Pressed All Ceramic Crown

Zirconia All Ceramic Crown


Inlays and Onlays

Implant Crowns / Bridge

Maryland Bridge

Porcelain shoulder Margin

Metal Occlusal

Implant Cases

Custom Abutment


Full Gold Crown (High Noble) & White Nobile

Full Coverage Metal (Base)

Post / core


Crowns adapted to existing Partial



Please allow ten working days (two weeks), excluding holidays, in lab.

Always reappoint patient after due date noted on lab form.

Please call to arrange pickup - UPS available


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Findley Dental Lab will make it as easy as possible for your office to send and receive your cases. This will ensure the arrival and return of finished restorations in a timely manner. We utilize UPS Worldship to process your shipment and provide you with a secure delivery.


For information specific to your location, to request a shipping label, or to schedule a pick-up, please call us at 281-682-8056 .

Pickup  &  Delivery

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Owned by Eric Findley CDT with thirty-nine plus years of experience, Findley Dental Lab is a unique laboratory offering restorations fabricated with a personal touch. Each case is exclusively designed for each individual office. We are proud to represent ourselves as a custom lab and not an assembly line. This allows us to assure a higher level of consistent quality. As a CDT for over twenty-five years, Findley Dental Lab has delivered over sixty thousand successful Dental cases.


Our custom approach ensures satisfaction and inspires confidence between patient and doctor.  Findley Dental Lab's history of excellent communication and the dental team effort is a guarantee for success with every restoration. 

Every restoration is 100% "Made in the usa."

Personalized attention and a service partnership ensure quality and cost-efficiency.